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  • Servo motor-driven saw positioning in less than 1 second;

  • High cutting speeds up to 160 m/min;

  • Can handle short pieces up to 800 mm.

Price from  129'700 EUR (excl.VAT, EXW)

Additional information

  • Intended to use in automatic timber resaw line with board scanner and material seperation mechanism;

  • Feed mechanism and sawing block service positions, for easy maintenance and sawblade replacement.

Device Specification

Width: 3.14 m

Height: 1.6 m

Length: 1.24 m

Total power: 62 kW

Saw blade diameter: 300 mm

Feed speed: 50-160 m/min

Dust extraction pipe diameter: 120 mm

Work Material

Length: 800-3000 mm;

Width: 100-400 mm;

Thickness: 14-30 mm.

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