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Pallet Board Stacker - PBS M4.jpg
  • 3 side pneumatic layer alignment.

  • Stacking options: Straight, straight offset, diagonal offset (optional);

  • Complete package setting: the lift is full or
    by entering the required number of rows.

Price from 74'500 EUR (excl.VAT, EXW)

PBS M4 Provides

  • The effective unscrambler allows to integrate pallet board stacker straight into board production line.

Technical Details

  • Power: 4kW;

  • Pneumatic pressure: 4 bar/min;

  • Dimensions: 3,1m x 2,5m x 4m (if material 1600 mm, then 3,3m x 2,5m x 4m).

Work Material

Max length: 500-1600 mm;

Min width: 50-200 mm;

Max. material thickness: 50 mm.

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