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Multi rip crosscut saw  DS-350 _1.jpg
  • Easy & quick blade and chain module repositioning

  • Compact and practical design for easy maintenance

  • Quick blade lifting if any of the saws is not needed

  • Chip and offcut conveyor

Price from  24'900 EUR (excl.VAT, EXW)

Add-on Items

  • Short piece cutting module (for cutting pieces as short as 250mm);

  • Conveyor for offcut removal to a container;

  • Board loading cassette module (additional option).

Work Material

Length: 500-6000 mm;

Width: 60-200 mm;

Thickness: 14-50 mm.

Device Specification

Dimensions: 8m x 1.8m x 1.9 m* 
Total power: 15 kW* 
Blade diameter: 350 mm 
Feed speed: 20 m/min 
Chip suction pipe diameter: 80 mm

*Depending on configuration.

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