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Glulam (GL) press HPRB
  • Lifting table for more efficient and ergonomic horizontal board assembly;

  • Electric control cabinet.

Price from 69'900 EUR (excl.VAT, EXW)

Optional features

  • Infeed / outfeed transporter for feeding the press;

  • Outfeed buffer table for rapid assembly restart;

  • PU glue spreader;

  • Roller tables for feeding the glue spreader.

Technical Details

  • Pressure up to 14,5t/m (at 120 BAR);

  • Flexible size from 6 to 14m with (2m step);

  • 15kW hydraulic station.

Work Material

  • Max height: 1600mm;

  • Max width: 300mm;

  • Length: from 6 to 14m.

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